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Why We Love Cats – Family Members Systems Theory

This concept of family habits is based upon several vital principles regarding why individuals act like they do in groups, not based on mechanistic roles however on how people in teams act mentally. This concept thinks in terms of psychological procedures and not in power structures or intellectual terms.

This write-up takes a look at why most individuals love cats as a means to discuss numerous of the essences in Murray Bowen’s theory of Household and also Societal Solutions.

We irrationally like pet cats– those people that do. Those who despise pet cats despise them crazily. Why all the feelings about pet cats? Due to the fact that they expose the fact concerning human psychological systems by introducing catlike psychological habits!

The cat, any kind of cat, presented right into the human emotional system, will certainly trigger the human emotional system to reorganize. Not due to the fact that the cat does anything however due to how the cat is psychologically.

Self-differentiation is the goal and also high water mark of maturity for the Bowen Theory. Felines have it.

They understand what they such as. They understand that they like. They recognize what they will and will not do and also decline to be educated. They have no desire to win authorization yet look for emotional support (stroking) when they desire it as well as from whom they desire it.

Most people call this independence or detachment. It is actually the placement of self-differentiation to which most of us strive. We admire felines for being able to be unresponsive as well as aloof. What we absolutely appreciate is their ability to shamelessly self-differentiate.

Those that hate cats most likely are awkward with others who refuse to participate in psychological hubbub in the human system as well.

When there is “dramatization” between people, cats typically run or stay out of the fray by hissing and also entering into fend-off defensive mode until they can escape. Cats contradict stress and anxiety from others.

They might select to purr around you when you are dismayed, yet that, all of us understand, is pure coincidence. Pet cats deal with their very own psychological distress. They do not request for aid. They fight their very own fights and also never ever look for to recruit the “gang” or “herd” impact as human beings do.

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