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Evan Tynan, Creative Design Marketing Expert, Shares A Glimpse Into Life With His Dog Fred

Thinking About Adopting A Dog? Helpful Tips From A Long-Time Dog Owner

Evan Tynan is no stranger to being a pet owner—he loves spending time with his dog, Fred, and talking to others about what it takes to own a healthy, happy dog. Here, Evan Tynan shares what you’ll need to consider before bringing home a furry best friend.

Choose Your Breed Wisely

Before you adopt a dog, you’ll want to be sure that you choose a breed that’s a good fit for your household and lifestyle. Shedding, amount of exercise needed, and adult size should all be considered before you think about adopting a dog. Remember—a cute puppy will quickly grow into a full-size best friend, and your pet’s needs will change as they grow. If you’re unsure about whether a particular breed may be a good fit for your family, think about reaching out to other owners on message boards online to learn more about your potential future pet’s needs.

Get A Great Vet

You’ll need to read reviews on vets in your area to ensure that you’re able to provide your pet with excellent medical care. If you’re adopting a puppy, they’ll need several appointments to ensure that they have all their shots. Adopting an older dog? You’ll want to be sure your vet is able to care for any health issues they may have, as well as the ability to care for common needs (such as arthritis) as they age.

Change Your Schedule To Make Time For Walks

In order to help your new dog behave in your home, it’s important that you give them plenty of opportunities to get their energy out. Simply letting your dog run outside isn’t enough. It’s important that you take your dog for walks or jogs regularly. When you’re researching dog breeds that could be a good fit for you, it’s key to take into account how much exercise your dog will need. One walk a day might not be enough for your dog—two or three may be a better fit. You may want to consider hiring a dog walker if you’re struggling to meet your dog’s exercise needs, says Evan Tynan.

Get Social

It’s important that you make the time to socialize your pet with other dogs, according to Evan Tynan. Formal obedience and/or puppy training classes can be a great way to make sure your dog is getting to spend time with other canines. A dog park not only provides exercise for your puppy, it also teaches them how to approach and socialize with a variety of different dogs. Introduce them to the dog park with a watchful eye, as not all adult dogs enjoy the energy level of a puppy. Your puppy will eventually learn to pick up on the social cues of a potential new friend.


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